Zero Ordered Lists in IE

If you love obscure IE problems than this is just the right post for you. The other day I found this nagging issue that just would not go away so let’s talk about it.

jQuery tabs are simple enough to implement and are very handy but if you put an ordered list on one of those tabs and then click through the tabs in IE, you might encounter some weird behavior. Mainly that the numbered list in the tabs will all turn to zeros.


As newer versions of IE come out I’m sure this problem will be handled. I actually think this particular one was resolved in IE10 but as we all know, even though everyone should be working on the latest available version of a browser, ┬ásome people choose not to which causes developers to go crazy trying to support browsers that were created years ago.

Under the right settings, this is what the problem will look like for older versions of IE.

Recreating the Counter on List Items:

The problem that is occurring is that at some point the counter on the list becomes corrupt and resorts back to zeros. The solution is to reset the counter on the list items each time a tab is selected.



All that stressing for nothing. At least that’s over with. On to the next IE problem!